A comparison of email providers

Choosing an email-provider is not that simple and here is why.
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For a few months now I kept an eye on email-providers, as I don’t like to use big-tech. Here is a(n incomplete) list of email-providers, which support the use of pgp-encryption in the browser:


namecostsstoragealiasesimapadditional features
Proton Mail0€<1GB - 500GB1 - 15locallycloud; vpn; bridge
Tutanota0€<1GB - 10GB0 - 100nobusiness features
Posteo1€<2GB - 20GB2 - 20yesinbound encryption
mailbox.org1€<2GB - 20GB3 - 25yescloud; inbox encryption


While I do like Startmail’s design, the email provider from Netherland is quite expensive with prices starting at 5€. You should know that it’s owned by System1, a marketing platform. Proton’s email service is a bit expensive too - with prices starting at 4,99€ for unlimited messages, folders and labels. IMAP is only supported in the paid plan either. Sadly all other providers (in the list above) don’t offer unlimited aliases.


Startmail, mailbox.org, Tutanota and Proton Mail implemented a way to use pgp-encryption via their websites. Mailbox.org and Posteo support pgp-encryption using the browser-extension Mailvelope, which makes reading encrypted email’s in the browser on popular mobile devices impossible.


Posteo and mailbox.org support the encryption of all incoming mails with your own pgp public key, so that the emails are not saved unencrypted on their servers. Those, as well as Tutanota, are hosting their services with 100% green or renewable energy. In addition, mailbox.org offers a complete office with encrypted presentations, spreadsheets, text documents and notes. While IMAP support is important to many users, it also isn’t the most secure option, as there is no support for two-factor-authentication or encryption. That’s probably why Tutanota decided to disable it. Proton did the same, but offers a program for your pc, which creates a local email-server for your clients. Pretty clever!

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