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Comparing Messengers: Which One is Right for You?

Comparison name company encryption open-source money to pay users WhatsApp Facebook1 yes2 no Free3 2B1 Signal Signal Messenger, LLC4 yes5 yes6 Free4 20M7 Threema Threema GmbH8 yes9 yes10 $3.998 10M9 Only messengers that encrypt messages by default are shown in the table above. There are other apps for sure but they don’t have as many users as of now. Encryption When it comes to encryption, all of the messengers listed above are similar....

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A comparison of email providers

For a few months now I kept an eye on email-providers, as I don’t like to use big-tech. Here is a(n incomplete) list of email-providers, which support the use of pgp-encryption in the browser: Comparison name costs storage aliases imap additional features Proton Mail 0€< 1GB - 500GB 1 - 15 locally cloud; vpn; bridge Tutanota 0€< 1GB - 10GB 0 - 100 no business features Posteo 1€< 2GB - 20GB 2 - 20 yes inbound encryption mailbox....

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Navigating Mother's Day with Complicated Family Dynamics: A Personal Perspective

Introduction Mother’s Day can be a difficult and emotional time for those who have lost their mothers or for those who have complicated family dynamics. In my case, my parents separated when I was a child and it turned out to be just fine, as I enjoyed having the full attention of either my mother or my father. However, years later, when my dad remarried, the struggle with Mother’s Day began....

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Apple Fucked Me

Taking Action In light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the importance of sustainability, I have been taking steps to align my consumer choices with these values. I have made donations to charities such as Save the Children and UNICEF, registered to potentially donate blood through DKMS, and switched my email and cell phone providers to ones that prioritize green energy and neutral carbon emissions. The Challenge However, my desire to use a Fairphone with CalyxOS, a privacy-focused and open-source operating system, has presented a challenge in terms of compatibility with my current Apple ecosystem....

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