Navigating Mother's Day with Complicated Family Dynamics: A Personal Perspective

…and why we should have Parent's Day instead

Photo by Xavier Mouton Photographie on Unsplash

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Mother’s Day can be a difficult and emotional time for those who have lost their mothers or for those who have complicated family dynamics. In my case, my parents separated when I was a child, and it turned out to be just fine, as I enjoyed having the full attention of either my mother or my father. However, years later, when my dad remarried, the struggle with Mother’s Day began. I was faced with whether to give presents to both my mother and my stepmother, and where I should spend the day.

The Constant Reminder of Loss on Social Media

Unfortunately, while this was still a manageable situation, my mother passed away from bone marrow cancer. This left me in a strange and painful position where I couldn’t give my mother a present or spend time with her, but rather with my dad’s wife. Social media and websites constantly remind me that it is Mother’s Day and that I no longer have a biological mother.

The Inclusivity of a Parent’s Day

It’s important to note that my situation is not unique. Many people experience loss and grief, whether it be from a parent or other loved ones passing away, or from complicated family dynamics. Some may have two dads or two moms, or like me, only one parent. It’s unfair to expect them to “skip” a day that can be so painful for them.


Instead of just having a day to honour mothers, why can’t we have a day to honour all parents? This wouldn’t fix all problems, but it would at least address the issue that I described. It would be more inclusive and considerate of those who may not have a traditional family structure.