Apple fuc*ed me

I was thinking about changing my phone and realised: I can't.

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Taking Action

In light of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and the importance of sustainability, I have been taking steps to align my consumer choices with these values. I have made donations to charities such as Save the Children and UNICEF, registered to potentially donate blood through DKMS, and switched my email and cell phone providers to ones that prioritize green energy and neutral carbon emissions.

The Challenge

However, my desire to use a Fairphone with CalyxOS, a privacy-focused and open-source operating system, has presented a challenge in terms of compatibility with my current Apple ecosystem. I currently use an iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, a MacBook, a HomePod, a Time Capsule, and Apple CarPlay. Additionally, my family also uses iPhones, and we have purchased apps through the App Store for both iOS and macOS.

Switching to a Fairphone would mean that my watch and CarPlay would become useless, I would no longer be reachable through iMessage or able to use Apple Pay, and my HomePod would no longer be able to play music directly from my phone. This highlights the potential difficulties and limitations that can arise when considering a switch to a more sustainable or privacy-focused technology option.

Considerations for Future Technology Purchases

It is important to consider not only the immediate benefits of a technology purchase, but also the long-term implications of being tied to a specific ecosystem. Additionally, buying used technology is a great way to reduce waste and align with sustainability values.

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